For us, the founders of Almawiz, it is a very exciting new chapter in our Life — the birth of Almawiz. We liked the name Alma because it means a collection of letters that represent the first letters of our children! We also like that it means alma wiz (Alma, means ‘soul’ in Spanish, which we try to invest in creating solutions and Wiz, means ‘magical skill’ in English, which we try to conjure while writing the algorithms) —the whole point is that we believe creations happen best when we invest soul and magic.

    We are excited about…

  • Open source community – both for solution creation and consumption.

  • Algorithmic Business – Algorithms to drive sales.

  • Access Economy – trading services based on access rather than ownership.

  • 3Vs – Analysing and generating insights by understanding data.


Our first product LoloShare-ride.

Our Process

Bridging Strategy and Execution

We abide by the Gartner defined process follow for pragmatic translation of business vision into execution

    • Journey Maps
    • User and Customer Profiling
    • Ecosystem Modelling
    • Business Capability Modelling
    • MVP Prototyping
    • Human Centric Design
    • Process Models
    • Strategy On A Page
    • Integrated Program Plan
    • DEV OPS Plan
    • Risk and Inter-Dependenciess
    • Modular Project Management
    • Release Management
    • Balance Scorecard
    • Business Outcome Statement
    • Business Ops Canvas
    • Economic Analysis Dashboard
    • Business Outcome Statement
    • Balance Scorecard
    • Business Outcome Statement
    • Business Outcome Statement
    • Balance Scorecard
    • Business Outcome Statement
    • Balance Scorecard
    • Business Outcome Statement


The team that makes great things happen.

Trudeau Fernandes

Trudeau Fernandes


A maverick approach to design thinking, a disciplined translation to pragmatic execution is what defines his modus operandi.




Nemo does take time to get convinced with propositions and then starts selling the belief

Dr. Anurag

Dr. Anurag


Can be identified as one of the brightest technology leaders to guide exceptional business innovations beyond his much famed designations

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